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News & Commentary / Unsung Heroes: Cafeteria Staff Interviews

Video / Editing by ERIN BUCKINGHAM

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When we think of the staff who help the University of Saint Joseph to run smoothly, we typically think of the administration, professors, and public safety. But without Bon App├ętit workers and managers, we students would not get our food -- whether it be from the cafeteria, late night or the Jay’s Nest.

Peggy Frost is director of operations of the cafeteria. She oversees ordering, scheduling, marketing for special events, and catering, among many other duties. Frost is responsible for hot chocolate stations at brunch, candy apple making at Halloween, and cupcake decorating tables, along with other student-favorite events.

“My favorite part of the job is probably being able to wear so many hats and do so many different types of things each day,” Frost said.

She enjoys “working in the front of the house for special meals with the students and handling their needs so that they know they’re the people on campus we like to focus on the most.”

Frost started here many years ago and worked her way up along with her husband Richard Frost, general manager of the cafeteria. He wanted to grow within the company and took the opportunity to start here.

While Richard Frost and Peggy Frost run the behind the scenes of the cafeteria, Clayton Clapp handles the most visible part -- the food.

Clapp is the executive chef. He creates all the meals we eat: “Pretty much I make sure that all the facilities are working properly and make sure that food goes out on time.”

Having worked here for 10 years, Clapp says his favorite part job includes is the variety of food and the relaxed atmosphere: “One of the best things about this job is that we get to make a variety of different kinds of foods.”

He enjoys the opportunity to progress in his career and the way his job allows him to still spend time with family.

Every holiday, our cafeteria staff go all out with decorations and the food. Thanksgiving lunch is always packed and Halloween is always an affair. What are these employees’ favorite holidays to set up for?

Peggy Frost says she enjoys setting up for Halloween the most but her favorite meal is Thanksgiving lunch. Clapp also says his favorite meal is Thanksgiving.

Videographer Erin Buckingham, a junior Child Study major, said she noticed how "all the interviewees seemed dedicated to all aspects of their jobs, especially in helping the students."

These employees probably are not as well-known as some professors or administrators, but they are an integral part of our campus. Throughout the interview, we could tell that they really enjoy what they are doing. So, the next time you go into the cafeteria, think about how much effort has been put into your one plate.

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    1. Always good to hear what goes on behind the scenes. Solid video! Any bloopers?


    News & Commentary / Unsung Heroes: Cafeteria Staff Interviews

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